Roo’s First Toy

Roo The Goldie had a very hard life. But not anymore. Read all about her here, and watch how she picks out her first EVER toy, Happy Happy Joy Joy time!

[*Note: Roo also has a book- check it out here. -Ed.]


A Quality Find by Smedley, on



  1. Thank you for giving Roo a furever home, Brian. Your blog is wonderfully written.

  2. Now there’s a young lady who “nose” what she wants!

  3. grytlappar says:

    That hedgie plushie was quite the thoroughly researched and informed choice! *super impressed*

  4. Shelley Noble says:

    Bless you for rescuing this dear dog. When you say that you both are adrift in your blog’s bio, is that physically, as in without an address currently?

  5. YAY! thank you

  6. Made my whole day.

  7. Good grief, for a moment there i thought Smokey was her owner!

  8. This makes my heart sing