“Hey Honey? Did You Get The Pathfinder Cleaned?”

“Sent it out to be detailed- they’re doing it right now. They come highly recommended, especially in getting the salt off the paint.”



  1. Reminds of the donkey that stuck his head in my car at Silverton.

  2. You can’t ask for a better setup than that. Free moose models for your photography class.

  3. Well all right….that video is from my province of Alberta, Canada!!!

  4. Forget Turtle Wax, it’s all about Moose Spit™ to get that -real- spit shine.

  5. sleekityin says:

    Well, I’ve heard of a rub over with a Chamois but not a spit bath from a Moose.

  6. Da be one big salt lick .. on wheels

  7. Moose are fun!

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    Little!? That calf’s almost as tall as the car!