BUB The Mighty Hunter!

If you think BUB gets her dinner served to her on a platter every night–think again! Watch this video as BUB tracks down dinner in the wild! Good JOB, BUB!



  1. no animals were harmed in the making of this video…cute kitty…

  2. Aaaa! Not cool! Those cans can have rough, sharp edges.

  3. cute

  4. In my head I sang the title Bub the Mighty Hunter to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.

  5. You’re not a cat from Indiana unless you hunt down and kill at least one meal in your life. She managed to snag one of the most elusive game.

  6. So proud of herself to have caught her wily dinner!

  7. Lil Bub earned her hunting badge!

  8. Excellent foraging skills, my little furry friend.

  9. Bub always makes my day! I totally loffs her! Thanks Brinke- Merry Christmas!

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    Needs a narration by David Attenborough!

  11. Lil Bub is the coolest!

  12. Jenny Islander says:

    The look on her face as she’s eating–“This is tasty, but eating outdoors is kind of weird.”

  13. she is so cute its unbelievable!!!!!! #iloffdabub