Bats, It’s Monday!

And WHO wants their tummy rubbed? WHO does? That’s right, YOU do!



  1. What!
    Is the belly fuzz soft? bristly? thick? thin? Is the wing soft? leather-lik? Warm? Cool? How much can little batty feel on the wing? Is McBattersons being rehabbed because of the the bandage thing on the finger like thing? Should battly be turned round so bellikins could be scritched leaving little foot the ability to still hold onto the towel and not reach over the wing bit connected to the leg? What would the little foot feel like if it held onto your finger? May I have a turn at this?

  2. Whoa .. New trailer for Dawn of Justice .. Superman is gonna have to rub Bat-Fleck’s tummy to calm him down too .. hehe

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’m pretty sure a lot of folks would pay to see that. :V

  4. This is what I want to do when I retire–belleh skritches to rehab bats! 😃

  5. So what’s the recommendation for someone looking to make a career change into bat-belleh scratcher (or otter-brusher, for that matter)?

  6. OK, where’s my cute rat fix ?

  7. Mingles' Mommy says:

    What a little cutie… and those wings!!! “Ooh right there – right under the wing… YES!!! Again!”

  8. Bats of the world, I am available to scratch your bellehs. No charge and I will bring my own snuggly towels. Any takers?

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    1:13: Cute as can be, but I cannot unsee how the wing is stretched around a set of long, spiderlike fingers.

    1:40: There is a splint on her thumbkin. A TEENSY FRUITBAT SPLINT.

  10. jlamusings says:

    Stellaluna! (sweet kids book if you need to be initiated into bat qte)

  11. BatBlaster says:

    This Flying Fox is adorable, and so calming. Notice how the wing has four fingers and a thumbclaw, just like our hands.

  12. Gah, the tweetchy eers

  13. Yeah, wonder what happened to his little appendage there? Didn’t say in the description