Sprocket & Gizmo

If you look in the dictionary under the term “Whackadoodle,” you’re most likely going to find this pair. From Eva M.



  1. Cavalier Lover says:

    I love how kittens defy the laws of gravity. I could watch them play all day.

  2. Best kind of entertainment!

  3. Aaaaaaah

    Too squee

  4. The owners do know those are Gremlin names .. right ? The one will start cause mishift any moment now

    Whoops .. too late .. They both are ..

  5. Lookit those little weightless fluff puffs!!

  6. Too adorable!! Love the matching white pawsies – and the little tails – and oh my, the curled up sleepy fuzzballs in the lucky hoomin’s hands… GAAAAAH!