Bunday: Wait ‘Til The :06 Mark

Keep your eyes on this area:


Ready? Are you sure? Buckle up and then click the play button.

From Brandi K.



  1. Oh that prosh little tailio twitch!!!

  2. Good heavens! This videos wins. It just wins everything, especially my heart.

  3. How many buns are in that pile? (Is that what a group of bunnies is called? A pile?)

  4. Sedro6, there are a total of ten of the little guys, but you can’t see them all in the video.
    I am such a proud bunny mom! I am so excited they have made it on Cute Overload! I love my little buns so much!

  5. I love that a collection of rabbits is called a ‘herd’.

  6. I was mesmerized by the tailio doing little circles.