Santa’s “Naughty” List Is Full

We’ve got the top candidates for it right here, too. No wiggle room for any of these guys. OK, maybe the Goldie giving the hug at the very end gets off the hook.

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  1. Those are some priceless naughty looks. My cat is sitting on my lap and the video really caught her attention.

  2. grytlappar says:

    Meh. It seems like a case of frustrated and bored dogs. It’s the hoomins’ own fault.
    I’m not even going to comment on leaving a baking sheet of cookies out. Heello!! 😀

  3. deft motif says:

    DWP…dog world problems…catz is never looking guilty for any act…no matter how aggregious!

  4. It’s interesting behaviour. Look how many of the dogs lie down and display their bellies. Classic submissive behaviour. They know they’ve done something bad and now they’re actually asking the leader of their pack for forgiveness (translated from dog, of course).

  5. They’re being submissive because of the guy’s tone of voice, which is negative and annoying. I’m with grytlappar – it’s the dopey hoomins – hope someone buys them a book about how to be a responsible and savvy owner for Christmas.

  6. dogs dont feel guilt, but they surly recognize when the leader is mad at them, they dont know why. they dont remember anything of what they did past a few seconds. guilt is strictly a human emotion. but they are very pretty dogs.

  7. The dogs are cute. The humans are not.