“Anakin, My Allegiance Is To The Republic! To DEMOCRACY!”

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Here’s a very rare clip of how George Lucas originally intended for this battle to go. Due to some rather difficult-to-work-with Chipmunks who refused to work for scale, they used hoomins [meh] instead.

Here’s what ended up in theaters.




  1. In case there was any doubt, we are seriously nerdy.

  2. I am already so over the SW hype. I’m like those cats in the post up above this: I could not care any less about every even seeing the movie, *gasp*, I know, but THIS…THIS was hilarious! I would totally see an entire chipmunk SW movie!

  3. Phr d's Mom says:

    Aren’t these critters squirrels?

  4. Phred's Mom says:

    Are these not squirrels?

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Don’t talk with your mouth full of nuts, Ani!