Always Knew He Was A Softie At Heart

“(Darth Vader breathing sounds) WHO’S a little Wookiee! WHO is! YOU are!”

“Some people may have seen this on one of those other funny-pictures-of-animal sites, but I promise this is an original and I took it! That’s my very tall husband, Mike, in the Darth Vader costume. He’s with the Great Lakes Garrison of the 501st Legion — a group of Star Wars costumers who volunteer at various fundraisers. This picture was taken at an event for the Humane Society of Monroe County (MI) in August of 2008. Besides being close to seven feet tall in his getup, my husband also has the Vader “breathing” sound coming out of his helmet, and takes great pride in making small children cower and/or cry in his presence. This little biscuit, however, was not fooled. He obviously eats evil Sith Lords for breakfast.” -Jennie M.



  1. I’ve been impressed with the 501st/auxiliary and their work over the years. Glad to see their softer side here.

    It takes dedication to wear this stuff in august.

  2. Wittle Wookiee wooks wike he’s wafing.

    Loff eet!

  3. 😆 Looks like that little dog knows how to get Darth Vader to be a nice guy 😆 AWW 😀 That is very nice of your husband and the 501st Legion costumers to help out with all those various fundraisers 😀 I hope they were able to help bring in a lot of money for each fundraiser 😀