Yep, That There’s A Matchingks

I think just prior to this being taken, someone said “Snausage?” (Imgur/Reddit.)



  1. That is such a wonderful painting.. Who did it? You can tell how much the owner really loves their dog.

    Went to Petco last night. There were so many dogs up for adoption from our local humane society in Honolulu.. Very sad.. I hope they all find a loving home.

  2. How could anyone look at that smile and not smile themselves? Adorable!

  3. januaryfarmer says:

    What is that? How cool is that? And someone had the good sense to know a great painter willing to take the challenge.

  4. @Leslie: at least the dogs and cats are not likely to freeze to death in the streets, like here… I was in Honolulu for many years, and still miss it. Every day. 😦

  5. grytlappar says:

    Haha, omg what a sweetheart. Even the ears are right! Too qte!!

  6. That painting is to die for, as is its charmingly goofy subject.

  7. Love that not only is the portrait humongous but it has a place of honor in the household. What a darling pooch