ResQte Of The Week (OZ Edition:) JAWS

Photographer Patrick Jones sent us this photo of Jaws. “Jaws is currently looking for her forever home at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter. She would make an amazing companion for anyone who has room in their life for a cat with some special needs,” writes Patrick. We agree.




  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Page loaded with just the eyes and ears visible. I scrolled down and snortlaughed. What a character.

  2. cyberpunkrocker says:

    “…cat with some special needs.” – doesn’t that apply to ANY cat?

  3. mayitaazul says:

    Whose got two black thumbs and needs a home? This gal!

  4. jlamusings says:

    Lil Bub’s sister from another mother? She’s precious! *prays Miss Jaws gets great forever home for Christmas*

  5. Squee! What a happy bebeh. Someone needs this kitty!

  6. The Original Jane says:

    The next internet sensation. Derp

  7. I much prefer this to Bub.

  8. This cat looks like she’s been forced to listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” for the 47th time.

  9. Poor little derpy thing! Got a prob with her mouf not closing? i see some chin furs that look wet, maybe can’t get ALL the noms down the hatch. Her eyes look a teeny bit googly also lol Precious!

  10. Awww, poor girl is missing half of her lower jaw. Otherwise, she seems pretty normal for a kitty.

  11. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    Read her write up on the Sydney Shelter page. It’s hilarious. She is so cute!