Obvy Harry Potter Reference

The original post said “We named him Dobby for a reason.” Had to look that one up, not being up on Potter lore. Sure enough, they called that one, did they not? (Imgur/Reddit.)



  1. grytlappar says:

    Imagine how big those ears were when Dobby was a puppy, before he “grew into” them! (Hasn’t quite happened yet, heh.) Daww… Must have been quite spectacular!

  2. Brinke, you seriously had to look that up? It’s not even an obscure tidbit like Ginny’s full name. Ginevra.

  3. OK, I give up – am a fan of Harry Potter but can’t get the “Dobby” reference. :-{ Short for Doberman maybe, but ….

  4. Twenty-thirty years ago, he would’ve been named Yoda.

    Boy I feel old.

  5. He has Dobby’s ears, but his eyes remind me more of Snape (in a good way, of course)

  6. BB/VA, he does have Snape eyes! 🙂

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  7. Not a Harry Potter fan so I don’t get the reference but Dobby sure is handsome!

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:


  9. Anderson Cooper?