Reindog X: Tibbs & Mudslide

“Sometimes Christmas wishes DO come true! This is my ResQte Dog Mudslide and Mister Tibbs, an extra Dark Ebony Chinchilla. They have formed a strong bond despite their species. Here they are together, reveling in the Holiday Spirit.” -Annie O.



  1. Just thought you might wanna know, chinchillas are rodents, not buns! Wish my chinnies got along that well with each other, much less with other species.

  2. Beautiful photo. I’m in love with Mister Tibbs, whose name is close to my kitty Mr. Tibbles (from HP5).

  3. Um…you’ve got Mudslide’s name misspelled in the title….I believe? Otherwise – LOVE this site!!

  4. Wikipedia says there are three types of Chinchilla rabbits….. jus’ sayin’……;

  5. I’d say it’s unusual for a chinnie to cozy up to a doggeh – special and cute.

  6. cheshirekittehkat – there are also chinchilla kitties, but, they are not bunnies either. In those cases chinchilla is just their type of fur. But, chinchillas are rodents, rabbits are lagomorphs, and kitties are neither!

  7. Hi, I’m Mister Tibbs’ mom 🙂 It is a very unusual relationship and quite frankly, not recommended. Too many things could go bad quickly.. I have three chinchillas and none of them play or get along with one another. So Mudslide is the great equalizer.

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    Are you sure Mudslide isn’t a wombat??

  9. Ya’ll got Mudslide named Midslide in the headline :3

  10. oops!