Nice Tree, Mames

Maymo has himself a giant Christmas tree made of 800 plastic water bottles. All stacked up nice and neat. Given the catastrophes that follow Maymo, we can pretty well guess what happens, no?



  1. Idea for next time … I would have put the bacon IN some of the bottles. Then Maymo would have ended up pulling out bottles and it would have been a massive Jenga game until the full collapse happened. BACON BACON BACON, Maymo! AND bottles bottles bottles! Your Luxury Care Providers love you to the moon and back.

  2. Maymos hoomin has a lot time on his/her hands…amazing the time it took to set that up. Hope they recycle…

  3. We are very jealous of Maymo getting bacon garland.

  4. Alice Shortcake says:

    More guest appearances by Penny, first as Confused Onlooker and then as Bacon Fan.

  5. I love the sort of EXISTENTIAL element to all of Maymo and Penny’s adventures…. I’m thinking these videos fall into the realm of “happenings” or some other sort of art form, and will end up at MOMA!

  6. Poor tree .. I beg those ‘ornaments’ were saying ” eat me ” to the puppehs ..

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    Cute, but why scare the poor dog?