I’m Not Tilting- You Are

May The Derp Be With You, Chase. “This is my dog cousin, Chase (named after Dr. Chase from “House.”) My uncle says this is her “WTF” look. He says he had just gotten his iPad and she was thinking ‘WTF is that dad?’ But once she realized other people could see her through the new contraption, she wanted to show off her new toy! Is she cute enough for Cute Overload? I think yes!” -Lemlop.

[*Note: We concur. -Ed.]




  1. Maybe it’s the room that’s tilting! Chase, you are a cutie!

  2. Lemlop, you are mighty cool to consider her “my dog cousin” and not “my uncle’s dog”! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. What a fine doggeh! She looks like good fun.