Whippet Good

What would Christmas be without some Christmas Whippets? Well, we wouldn’t have that Oakley-worthy headline, for sure. “Hi there, these are my very patient Whippets posing for yet another Christmas photo. L to R, we have Radish, Bug, Pixie, and Cheeky. Happy Howlidays!!! Allie and the Whippet Girlz.”



  1. Agreed. The headline is definitely Oakley worthy. ^_^The

  2. The snowman ears and pug blanket really put this pic over the top. Love these guys.

  3. Love it. Amazing how they’re all so still!

  4. grytlappar says:

    I’m quite partial to the hat on the left. (That doggie may OTOH have thoght she drew the shortest straw with that one… Heh. She’s wearin’ the heck out of it though!)

  5. It’s the 4 different expressions that get me:
    1st – why just why?
    2nd – I’m ready for my close up.
    3rd – jaunty angle jaunty attitude,
    4th – mischief for sure!