Tuesdays Were Made For Trudy

“This is Trudy, our 6 month old rescue guinea pig, all stretched out after a long day of Wheeking and Popcorning,” says Kim N. Zoom in on the little back footie. Is that a Rule of Cuteness? Maybe “#47: Splayed haunch action is cute.” Or #19: “Dainty paws are cute.” or (new?) #63 “Pancaking is cute.” She’s very glamorous. Thanks for considering making Trudy famous.”



  1. Hey everyone … It’s “Trudyday” !

  2. Trudy is a beautiful piggie -love her coloring.

  3. Mixing patterns with polka dots and animal prints?Pshaw.

  4. JK.
    Your guinea has an amazing coat!

  5. Sje is adorable! 🐾

  6. A cute guinea pig with the coloring of my cute calico cat! A Piggy Kitteh?? Double the Qte.