Top Ten Cutest Photos Of 2015!

shutterstock_137042249Time for the OFFICIAL Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2015. We crunched the numbers, and here they are! Thank you to all our Peeps who sent photos in during the year! (Have a photo you’d like to send in? Here’s all you need to do. Tomorrow at 6am PT- our Top Comments Of The Year.)

#10 Cutest Photo of 2015: Bears…Or Puppehs? YOU Decide.

These Prosh Lil’ Chubbulars do kinda resemble Little Teddeh Bears, don’t they. Hey, it’s winter! Ya gotta store up that Belleh Fat, right? Now, where’s that box of Krispy Kremes…













(Bored Panda.)

#9 Cutest Photo of 2015: omg


Are these two of THE most stunning kitteh pix you’ll EVAH come across, or what? “Hi, I thought I needed to send this to you because, well, you’re Cute Overload and this could possibly be the cutest kitten to ever grace the face of the earth,” writes Linda S. “It’s my foster baby, Addie, when she was 6 weeks old. She and her sister Scout went back to the shelter Friday. I’m really going to miss these two. I’ve had the joy of them since they were 4 weeks old.”


[*Note: We responded to Linda’s email asking for details- the location, etc. No word back yet. -Ed.]

UPDATE! “I foster for the Animal Humane Society in St. Paul, MN. Addie and her sister, Scout, were feral kittens and mom was hit by a car. 😦 Luckily, they found the kittens and brought them to the AHS. They kept them for about a week and I’ve had them for 3-but I get them for 1 more week. Scout didn’t make the weight for surgery today so they had to come back home with me…darn. They should be available for adoption about Oct. 11th.”

#8 Cutest Photo of 2015: ResQte Of The Week III: Goats With Coats (And Some Cows)

THIS JUST IN from Meredith T. at Farm Sanctuary! “The temperature has been in the single digits and negative degrees at our New York sanctuary lately, and that means one thing: GOATS IN COATS! And all kinds of farm animals in all manner of winter-wear! It’s the Cutest Sight Ever and I thought Cute Overload readers might like to revel in the adorableness.”

Yes, they would.



















#7 Cutest Photo of 2015: Arlo & Jasper


“Here are Arlo and Jasper, 15 week old Burmese cross brothers from the UK,” write Stephen & Liz. “They love nothing more than playing and cuddling together but unfortunately 😦 Jasper managed to fracture his leg two weeks ago. They are absolutely inseparable, so sweet natured and call to each other when Jasper is on bed rest. He’s on the road to recovery 🙂 now after having surgery and can’t wait to play with his brother again!”

2 Arlo & Jasper Firetruck

3 Arlo & Jasper

4 Jasper bow tie

5 Arlo bow tie

6 Jasper leg

8 Jasper cone of shame

7 Arlo & Jasper broken

#6 Cutest Photo of 2015: Introducing…Rule Of Cuteness #60!

Gina S. says: “I have reviewed the ROCs and find there is nary a word about bath-time, excessive hygiene, nor even re: wet animals/general wetness, bath-induced or other. Therefore, in honor of my new grand-dog Florence, I would like to recommend the following:

“If bath-time reduces your total body matter by up to 50%, that’s cute.”

Consider it DONE! BEFORE, above. AFTER, below. “Photos of Florence by her new parents, my son and his GF. Florence is a rescue Llasa-Poo. She received a bath on Day One. Just because. Florence will undoubtedly get her social media sites in order soon — as soon as g-ma gets the dresses, sweateuws (sp? couldn’t find in Glossary*!) and Halloween costume(s) ready.”



[*Note: “Sweateuws” added to Glossary. We regret the oversight. -Ed.]

#5 Cutest Photo of 2015: Cats Do The Darndest Things

Give ’em an inch…and you can bet they’ll take a mile.














(Bored Panda.)

#4 Cutest Photo of 2015: ResQte 3: We KNEW Clark Was Really Superman Super Kitteh!


“I volunteer with TAAG (Transylvania Animal Alliance Group) and we have a very special kitten in our care that we think people would love to see. This is Clark, and he was found paralyzed at 4 weeks old. He was taken in and has quickly become our little mascot because he has the most playful, fun personality and he never lets his limitations get him down. Clark is in a handmade mobility cart made for him by his foster mom and he zooms all over playing like any other kitten. Clark has gotten over one million views this week on Imgur and wants to keep his mission of showing the world that disabled pets are just as fun as every other going!” -Laura K.

[*Note: Here’s a link to Clarkster’s GoFundMe to help with his medical bills. -Ed.]

#3 Cutest Photo of 2015: C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!


#2 Cutest Photo of 2015: A What? An….Ezo Momonga?

Well, of course it is. Classic Big J Action, naturally. The Bored Panda article says that these little crazies (sorta a Flying Sqwerl) can only be found on the island of Hokkaido. Which works for me.









Photos originally by Pop Shiretoko-san.

#1 Cutest photo of 2015: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Present…Wally Von Jelly Beans

Wally’s her name (we checked into this)—The Qte is her game. KB sent these in and says, “This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued Saturday! (She’s now a happy bottle baby at a loving, local foster home.) Her mom is feral (wild) and gave birth to a litter of kittens in someone’s attic. In the process of moving them to a new location, this little girl was dropped by her mom down inside a kitchen wall where the mom couldn’t reach her. The retired homeowner tore a hole in his kitchen wall to rescue the kitten …but mom was long gone. So we stepped in to take over.” (This is not my photo or my text. The good folks at The Cat House on the Kings asked me to pass it on to you.”)


0 0 0 0 0 0 0 worlds cutest bottle baby 2


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  1. I laughed all over again at cat-shaming–my coworkers know I do this, so they’re no longer surprised. Wally von Jelly Beans! OMG that face.

  2. Too stoned to move?Someone needs a mountain dew .and the remote.

  3. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Cat-shaming doesn’t exist. You can’t shame a cat; they are NEVER ashamed of anything they do. (I love the concept, though.)

  4. grytlappar says:

    Little kitteh Clark in his cart tho… Aww.

  5. I think Little Clark is the most ADORABOO ever! I had a paraplegic chihuahua who, for 17 years, NEVER thought there was a thing wrong with him and was always the Alpha in our pack, and he was all about having fun! You go Clark!!

  6. It’s seriously time for people to grow up and cool it with this pet shaming crap.