Reindog VIII: Spike

I admit, this isn’t the usual antler-ish Reindog look- buuuuut it’s close enough. You can almost read Spike’s mind here, can’t you? “Why you do this green thing to me?” This photo comes from Tammy L., who adds “Hi there! Thought you might like this one of Spike in the holiday spirit!” [*Note: Or not. -Ed.]


  1. That expression combined with that hat! Thanks for the morning laugh, Spike! 😀

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The Hat of Existential Horror.

  3. Weimaraners are so patient. No wonder Wegman was able to do all sorts of stuff with his pups! My girl is veeery good at keeping veeery still when I balance things on her head for pictures…