Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Or maybe as “Snug As A Hammie In A TP Tube?”



  1. grytlappar says:

    It’s like a clown car with hammies!

    PS. Those links that at the end sho’ are dangerous… Anyone else get sucked into (the vortex that is) youtube once you click… Last nite I spent 4 hs (!) watching Crufts agility. 😀 (The small goggies are the most fun. The large class is 100% sheepdogs, but the small ones? Can be anything. Toy poodles, Jack Russells, mini schnauzers, a papillon! (He lost time on the see saw, waiting for it to tip. Sweetheart.) And everything from perfect rounds to a dog that stopped to pee. Good stuff.

  2. I would pay to be the chipmunk on top rather than at the bottom of the pile.

  3. They’re like ’60s undergrads in a phone booth.