In Which Gizmo Gets The Boot

When it gets too crowded at home, sometimes you just need to go out find your own crash pad.



  1. Too Cute is the best and most important show on television. Or at least it was since it seems they aren’t making it anymore. (this particular litter is I think from the original episode of Too Cute and the whole thing is just fantastic.)

  2. Thud….Another victim of death by cute..

  3. I LOVE Too Cute! I hope it comes back.

  4. that show is Cute Pron

  5. I would like this video so much more if the kittens (and mama) had normal noses. Shame on breeders for making Persian kittens so flat-nosed. Not a good thing to do

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    The kitteh in the boot is too much!