The Ears The Ears The Ears The Ears

There’s a lotta floof in that picture. And that look says he/she is used to getting what he/she wants. And he/she can have it, too. (Imgur/Reddit.)



  1. He went that-a-way.

  2. Elaine C Williamson says:

    Max is going to be a huge cat when he grows to those ears.

  3. .. rub .. my .. floof .. please ..

  4. oh my-so much floof, so much to lovings to give handsome Max. Where do I begin?

  5. Of course Max gets what he wants, really, just WHO is going to say NO to that face and those earsies??

  6. The Original Jane says:

    Don’t worry Max, you’ll grow into them.

  7. What beautiful ear tufted! And what a sweet baby!

  8. Tufties – silly auto correct doesn’t understand the cute.

  9. What about the gorgeous white rings around their eyes?? And the floofy chest? Oof..

  10. I wonder if those tufts are set to FM or AM.

  11. Gorgeous Maine Coon kitty, picture perfect !

  12. Animallover says:

    Way to cute. Must pop Max in my mouth. Running like crazy. Mine mine.mine!

  13. jlamusings says:

    Wow- what a lovely kitty! I would be playing with those ear tuffs all the time if he were with me. Heehee.

  14. I think the term is “floofage” or “floofiosity” or “floofitism”

  15. Smilla Snow says:

    Extreme ear floofs!

  16. Want the floor…….NOW !!!!

  17. Now that’s one “tuft” kitty! 😉