Time To Get Out The Shovel

Snow is pretty to look at, but a pain in the a** back to shovel. These guys don’t care about ANY of that.



  1. Happy pupsters cavorting in the snow I guaranteed to elicit a smile from me. 🙂
    Win win

  2. grytlappar says:

    I love how animals get all frisky and go NUTS in snow, haha. Goggies, pandas, horses… When I took riding lessons, kids be flying! (OTOH, it doesn’t hurt when you get thrown off and land in fluffy snow.)

    I love the cat shaking off its foot. 🙂

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    I like the kitteh trying to catch the snowflakes as they fly past the window! A kitteh at Best Friends tried to do that with autumn leaves!