May We Suggest Smart Choice

…for your next meal, instead of In And Out Burger Animal Style? Maybe this Corgeh does need to drop a few, but then again, when you’re a Stumpers, you’re built pretty low to the ground anyway.



  1. squirrelyone says:

    I look at this poor little stumper and I see . . my entire life. ^_^

  2. It’s like the Little Engine That Couldn’t.

  3. I think we may have discovered perpetual motion.

  4. Would someone just put down the camera and help the puppeh?

  5. @michael I cam here to say the same thing. Poor little dude.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t find this amusing. First of all, help the poor guy so he doesn’t have to bruise his tummy trying to get over that stupid fence. Secondly, stop feeding him so freaking much! You’re not doing him any favors by allowing him to be so overweight. Sorry, but this really burns me up. 😦

  7. Aw, poor little chubbers! I hope he finally got some help!

  8. Totally @Michael & Waverly!! I agree 100%%

  9. It’s hard to tell with fluffy dogs like this, but it LOOKS like the problem is the little guys height, and not his weight

  10. This looks like an excellent exercise regimen.

  11. In words made famous by Garfield, “I’m not overweight, I’m undertall!”

  12. That is so mean to video and not go help the little darling. You do not deserve him.

  13. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    Stubby Mcstubbersons….

  14. Ehn, ehn. Too much holiday food.

  15. As a two-time corgi mom (just helped Sophie cross the bridge – RIP Little Lovebug!) this corgi is definitely overweight. Its body shouldn’t be wider than its head. Excessive jumping can damage its back, especially for an overweight, long, low-rider type dog. I’d give anything to be able to pick up my Sophie and lift her over a gate again.

  16. ScoutC, So sorry for your loss–hugs.

  17. Is this December? The time of year people are supposedly starting to be nice to each other? Can’t tell from these comments. So many rude remarks.
    It’s possible the fence is there to prevent the corgi from coming in or going out, just like you would put up a taller barrier to prevent other animals from going where you don’t want them to. Some animals are just persistent.
    Also, this is a 30-second video. It’s true that to the viewer it seems to be going on for a long time, but 30 seconds isn’t that long when you are actually filming it.
    Besides, if the corgi tried climbing instead of jumping, s/he would be over in no time:

  18. grytlappar says:

    Belph: a) I’m sure Stumper’s hoomins can carry on living despite people ona a blog thinking they should put Stumpers dog on a diet.
    b) How do you know Stumper doesn’t keep doing this until he’s exhausted? And maybe hurts his back like ScoutC points out. But OK, then they wouldn’t get their video and their lives are meaningless bcs no one sees it on social media.
    c) WHAT wild animal are you keeping out with a 10 foot gate? Doormice?

  19. Totally agree with Waverly. This is sad.

  20. I get the sad points, but I’m guessing the gate is up exactly so little corgi friend doesn’t get past it. Sooo the gate is doing its job, and this guy is just trying to be adorably disobedient. Maybe he’s overweight, but none of you know why, so stop assuming it’s neglect or bad owners or just terrible things. Negative Nellies everywhere!! Day to day life must be really hard if you’re always so negative!