Caturday: Ugly Christmas Sweateuws For Kittehs

Here’s how to make ’em. Because hoomins shouldn’t have all the fun.

(Tastefully Offensive.)



  1. Kitties look less than impressed!

  2. januaryfarmer says:

    For a moment I thought I was on Pinterest.

  3. Works for Chihuahuas too!

  4. Yes! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! So adorabuhl. But i wear these kinds of socks year round, i don’t think i could attack them with scissors lol.

  5. The kitties may not seem impressed, but they’re also not in flop mode. Notice, the kind video-makers don’t show how to actually DRESS the kittens. It would give them a worse MPAA rating for too much violence and blood.

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    Don’t glue ballies and things on–they’ll just pull ’em off!

  7. Don’t believe for one second the kittahs will forget this humiliation. When you’re sleeping…

  8. The little ones do look sweet here, especially asleep.

  9. MrsKravitz says:

    Proshy-prosh purrrfect.My Boo wouldn’t demean himself no matter how much I’d beg, but it’s very cute on other kitties,j

  10. I usually HATE clothing for pets but I have to admit these are pretty darn cute!