TGIF! (Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas Edition)

We’ve reached the end of yet another week- you might be headed out to your company Christmas party at this very moment, too! But before you leave, please check out this little bundle of Joy. Or…is there more than one bundle? “Yes, they might look like the same kitty,” says Barbara O. “But these 3 were part of a litter of 4 we fostered several years ago. We had to use different colored wrist bands on them to know who was who. They were adopted very quickly by folks from New Hampshire and Wisconsin.”



  1. Thank u adopters and shelter!! Yay kittems!!

  2. Yea New Hampshire! When it gets real cold at night up here, we sleep with one cat on each foot and one over our heads. Works a charm and, added benefit, the combined purring is like a magic fingers hotel bed.

  3. Am glad to hear that these beautiful babies found a home in time for Christmas.
    @jnyjny, can’t think of a better way to go to sleep. And, most cat lovers know that purring has magical properties. 🙂