Reindog Reincat V: Harley

Yesterday we mentioned that we might just have a Reincat coming up today, and in fact we do. Harley doesn’t seem to thrilled to have some antlers planted on his noggin- but what else did you expect?

“You’ve heard of a Reindog, but how about a Reincat? This is our cat Harley. He’s not super excited to have on his Reindeer hat but he was a good sport about it!” -Patricia S.



  1. I can’t believe Harley left his hat long enough for you to take his picture! That is not a happy face but it makes me laugh! 😀

  2. He was a good sport but when you go to sleep…

  3. Laugh now, hoomins. Laugh now.

  4. Being a good sport? Uh-huh.

    I’d check your shoes, the bathtub, the back of your closet, your bed sheets, the linen closet, that fancy floral display that you just bought…