Friday Afternoon Haiku

Time to deck the halls
You never know what you will find
Maybe a matchingks

~ ~ ~

“This is Caprica my Mini Dachshund, confronting her Christmas ornament doppelgänger. Photo by me, Robin J.”



  1. Hello!
    Is it me you’re looking for?
    I want to tell you I love you

  2. Aw, this is Caprica’s second time on CuteOverload!

  3. My life changed the day
    I looked at a tree and found
    My dopple-hanger

  4. I am no good at haiknus but just wanted to say that Caprica is lovely!

  5. Frankie, is that you?
    What have they done? You’ve been changed.
    Eep! Is this Voodoo?

  6. Would the ornament be a Doxie-ganger? 🙂

  7. grytlappar says:

    Just stopping by to say that in Swedish doppelganger is “dubbelgångare”—which I think is better, heh. Though it has the same meaning (“double walker”), in Swedish it has an a with a ring over it, amirite?. 🙂

    Caprica is so expressive and so lovely! Robin J. should definitely get a print of this for the wall.

  8. Change “you will” to “you’ll” for optimal meter.