A Really Good Puppeh Name!


And that feature photo above is giving off a serious Barney Fife vibe, right?

Ann C. says, “I’ve submitted him before, but Chickpea will one day be on C.O. I am just sure of it. [*Note: Today is the day. -Ed.] He now has over 600 Facebook friends — even though he has no thumbs to post things and has no idea what Facebook is!”







  1. No. Considering those two first pictures, he should have been called Ren.

  2. The side-eye in the last picture has killed me. Ded.

  3. Congratulations, little Chickpea! You made to CO and deservedly so; you are adorable!

  4. Chickpea is awesome, but I gotta go with Nina.
    That’s Ren all over.

  5. Chickpea is so excited! Thanks for featuring my little man! It made my day and his!!! He is a little rescued boy who had a tough life before. But he is happy as can be now! And a huge fan of Cuteoverload.com! You can see more of him at https://www.facebook.com/WeeChickpea/

  6. What a sweetie!

  7. Yay! Chickpea is gorgeous!!

  8. Squeeeeeeee! He a good littew boy! Yes heee is!

  9. @Dash; I am so glad sweet little Chickpea has a good life with you now!

  10. Oh Chickpea IS a chickpea! SO cute & sweet! Love seeing him with a happy forever family! Thanks for that!

  11. Lentil the bulldog and now Chickpea… As a vegetarian and puppeh-enthusiast, I support these names. Well done, Dash – you obviously know what you’re about.

  12. ScaredOfCats says:

    Let’s not forget:

    Rule of Cuteness #57: If you’re named after food, that’s cute.

  13. nancy crabtree says:

    he looks like a string bean to me.

  14. Hey guys, I have a Ren! He was posted last year! 🙂 http://cuteoverload.com/2014/12/03/judge-me-by-my-size-do-you/