[*Note: Good grief, I thought at first the puppeh was wearing the tree on its head. -Ed.]

“This is my pug, Vanna White. I tried to pose her for a cute Christmas photo and ended up taking a photo of the saddest Christmas pug in all the land. I promise she usually looks much happier! Thought you guys might like it.” -Mari D.



  1. I wonder if she’s unhappy because Mari is balancing the Christmas tree on her head.

  2. Vanna, you’re breaking my heart, sweetie! (Even though I believe your mama when she says you usually look much happier!) Anyway, you are very cute and I like your jingle bell collar! 🙂

  3. grytlappar says:

    Aww what a sweetheart…

  4. Poor bebeh… I’m much the same myself around Christmas. Not my favourite time of year…

  5. Looks like Vanna would like to buy a howl…

  6. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Oh jc Oakely… 😀

  7. I found the pickle! What’s the prize? is it the pug? I hope it’s the pug.

  8. She can’t read the gift tags. Someone point out which are hers and she’ll be all smiles.

  9. Jingle Pug….Jingle Pugggggg

  10. Sue Fisher says:

    I think Mari told her she couldn’t have that fish till Christmas morning!

  11. Oh she’s so cute, I cannot stand it..We need more pugs on CO! Thanks for sharing her adorable-ness..

  12. Vanna White is the cutest Christmas Pug in all the land!

  13. Hey that’s my pug! I promise she is usually much happier..couldn’t help but laugh at this pitiful photo. She is a rescue pug and we love her with all our hearts!