I’ve Been Good All Year, Santa…Mostly

[….well ‘cept for that time I bit The Dog. And….that pesky postal guy. But HE deserved it. Just like I deserve treats in my stocking, OK?]

~ ~ ~

“This would be my ragdoll Coco Chanel’s second time on C.O. The Christmas picture was taken by Coco’s Aunt Robbie last year. Always a fan, Amélie & Coco.”



  1. “Good” for cats isn’t like “good” for the rest of us.
    Coco is as lovely as her namesake. Those blue eyes steal souls!

  2. All cats are innocent, even when caught with their paws in the fish bowl

  3. Miss Coco is gorgeous! Of course, she is a good grrl…always.

  4. Coco is downright glamorous and I’m sure she is a perfect angel!

  5. I deserve a Ragdoll in my stocking please! They are the pinnacle of cat evolution and i’m pretty sure those sneaky Japanese had something to do with it!

  6. How could anyone resist those eyes? Of course, Coco girl, you do deserve something in your stocking! Anything you want!!

  7. Good lord, that face! She could tell me to jump off a bridge and I’d ask her which one!