Preeeeeee-senting…THE AMAZING THEO!

Let’s welcome this little knucklehead to C.O., shall we? Quoting his very own FB page: “I am a poly-toed kitten in Austin, Texas. I enjoy snuggling, chasing my tail, & waking up my owners by sitting on their face!”






(Gabrielle F.)



  1. Blessings to Theo and Gabrielle – Theo looks very similar to my beloved Sherman who I still miss after 11+ years.

  2. His skills at sleeping are breathtaking!How does he do it?

  3. Aww, he’s a cutie.

  4. That floofy belleh is prime territory for snorgling… and that pink nose…too cute. Gabrielle, Theo is gorgeous!!!

  5. Theo is an outstandingly cute kitty!

  6. Cutie Pie

  7. Theo knows how to get comfy!

  8. I sense a box addiction in the making.

  9. Smilla Snow says:

    Theo says, “Being spoiled rotten is tiring work.” =)

  10. I just love polydactyl kittehs; they always look like they’re wearing mittens….!
    Theo is a heart-breaking Sweetheart…..(He is only guaranteed to get Qter as he grows up….;
    I hope we get to see more pictures of him later….;)