Miss New Zealand

You might have been expecting some beauty in a gown or swimsuit given the title, but no. This is Miss New Zealand, a kitteh currently residing in British Columbia/The Great White North. “She really wants to be best friends with our Christmas tree,” says Sarah V. “The above photo is as close as I would let her sit to it…the second photo is her increasingly pining (PUN) away for it. (Maybe not actually a pun, it’s an artificial tree.)”

Miss New Z Christmas Tree-2



  1. Does anyone else have the little dood the keeps popping up in the lower left-hand corner? He looks so friendly. If you scroll you can align the lovely Miss NZ up so it looks like she is about to give him a good whap to the head. Ahh the abilit to amuse myself. 🙂

  2. This Miss New Zealand is way more beautiful than any woman in a beauty pageant! 🙂

  3. Such a cute face! And it must be so tempting to be that close and not allowed to touch it…

  4. I love her splootchy face. Kisses, Miss NZ!

  5. Miss Kitteh NZ is delightfully blorpy!! in the first photo she looks like a feline Buddah. Love those blotches, she looks like she’s been sniffing the inkwell. Amazing coloring, really. The nose makes a perfect target for kisses. 🙂

  6. catcrazy3 says:

    Miss New Zealand is gorgeous!

  7. What a beautiful kitty!

  8. Anyone else wondering if those U of V books are overdue? lol. Super cutie patootey!