Working Lunch

[OK guys, we need to plan the company Christmas party. First thing, order plenty of seed. And we have to make sure NO ONE spikes the egg nog this year. We all remember those drunk Tapirs from accounting, we had to call security, total buzzkill, blah blah blah. OK. What’s next?”

~ ~ ~

“This was taken by my husband at Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia. Wombat nose-ums totally made the whole thing. Thanks all, and have a great holiday season. Regards, Janis L.”



  1. There is nothing that isn’t perfect about this. Brinke’s funny write-up, the concept, the anipals and yes wombats!

  2. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Okay, I’ll start: a Wombat, a Peacock and a Parrot walk into a bar…………..

  3. I so needed a wombat today. Thanks, Brinke!