“OK, Can I Get A Robe Or Something In Here?”

[I’m just born, and there’s a BIT of a DRAFT!]




  1. Do I see some spike-stubble, or is it some sort of debris? Poor little nakey echidna.

  2. Echidna babies are called puggles, by the way.

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Was just about to say she looks like raw chicken, in the most adorable way possible. Or perhaps uglorable.

  4. In case you’ve ever wondered what a new-born Shrek must of looked like.

  5. it’s aard out there for a peenk

  6. Somebody get that little baby a blankie! He/she is so pink, and do I see goosebumps on its head?? Is it sitting on pine needles, for crying out loud???

  7. Sabrina, I think that’s the mother echidna’s back.

  8. Thank you, Deckard. I must do some research on echidnas, don’t know much about them.

  9. Squirrelyone says:

    If what I learned for a school report a-way on back in yonder years of yore (high school) was correct, then an echidna is strong enough to move a refrigerator, despite only being a little over a foot long. They also tend to have bitter rivalries with blue hedgehogs. We should all keep an eye on this little guy! 😀

  10. Echidnas; one of my two very favourite monotremes! Makes me proud to be from Oz. Curious, useful (they eat termites!) and pretty darned adorable.

  11. Not born– hatched. Monotremes lay eggs.