No, I Am NOT Feeling Like A “Jolly Old Elf”

[I’m lookin’ to dish out some PAYBACK for whoever bought this outfit. YOU! Over there. You look plenty guilty. Get OVER here.]



  1. Cat: “Hey, hoomin get this silly thing off of me now or you WILL pay!”

  2. As frightening as the aftermath may be, you gotta admit, that is one cute scene. Kitteh is adorable in that suit.

  3. I lurve the “Butt Wiggle of Doom” that Timo manages to insert before he begins his Christmas Decoration Rampage…..;

  4. Meh, I find cats cuter without costumes. Besides, they’re not as tolerant as dogs.

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat/Please don’t put a Santa suit upon the cat!