Headline THIS! (Impending Doom Edition)

[*Note: Update 1:04pm PT: Oakley all the way. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

Got this photo just in from C.W., who says “My sister sent this to me, this is Kitler, one of my niece’s three rescues. She told her mom this is why she doesn’t put up a tree. His first Christmas tree to kill. I thought he did a great job.”

Write up your best headline and we’ll update around 1pm PT! Good luck!



  1. Top of the world, Ma!

  2. If it’s lit, I sits.

  3. Barbara Baker says:

    Who, me??

  4. You said ‘Make yourself at home’..So, I did.

  5. Mine! All mine.

  6. Kitler, Kitler in a tree. Looking merry as can be. But that branch could not hold he. Kitler, earthbound you will be.

  7. Your lack of cat ornaments disturbs me.

  8. Elaine Rosenthal says:

    I’m the only angel you need on top of the tree.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    O Tannen-Photo-Bomb

  10. januaryfarmer says:

    It was a dark and stormy evening.

  11. Oh. Hi. You’re home early.

  12. mayitaazul says:

    Oh Hai, I noticed the lights were a little crooked, so I thought I would help!

  13. Move along, nothing to see, just another fur covered ornament hanging here….

  14. Elizabeth Grisham says:

    Wait, Santa. Don’t go. I can explain…

  15. ElleDoubleYou says:

    But you said it was a “Fur Tree.”

  16. Jonathan Polley says:

    If I stay very still…

  17. Catladyf50 says:

    This is not the Kitler you seek…

  18. This “cat tree: is much better than the cat condo tree you bought from the store.

  19. I vote for 260Oakley–who wins the internet AGAIN. X-D

  20. “Thanks for the new Playscape!”

  21. Caroline S. says:

    You were expecting a partridge? This ain’t no pear tree!

  22. Kitty, kitty, sittin’ in a tree, p-o-s-e-i-n-g

    (I know. I had to keep the same meter)

  23. This is no Cat in the Hat.

  24. Last available photo before Christmas Tree Annihilation…………..TIMBER…….!!!!

  25. He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch…

  26. Your tree is a little off-Kilter…