Gotta Watch Those Pumpkin Cans!

This little Rescued Furball finds out just how tricky and treacherous a can of pumpkin can be! #Totesadorbs



  1. Cub: ” Anyone got a “P-51? I want to see what’s in this round thingie”

    [P-51-> Can Opener to us military grunts]

  2. Totally adorbs, but Oh those pointy bits!!

  3. Those claws could be a can opener!

  4. Just might be a can of salmon. Are you sure it’s not a can of salmon?

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    And here I was thinking you wanted an airstrike. It probably would have opened the can!

  6. That’s why I buy my pie already cooked.

  7. love this!!

  8. Is that a giant duckie with a nipple in its belly-button surrogate mama grizzly?