Christmas Helpers: Lil’ Bear

OK, the term “Christmas Helpers” is officially getting its own header and tag. And is this little maniac a great example, or what! “This is L.B. (Lil’ Bear) helping me put up Christmas decor. I had to wait until he was good and done with his nap before I was able to put up the garlands he was sleeping on (below)!” -Jenn from Virginia.




  1. Elaine C Williamson says:

    Isn’t that the way it always is?

  2. L’il Bear is so soft and fuzzy and hugable and sweet! I wouldn’t want to disturb his nap either.

  3. How old and what is Little Bear? I can’t tell if he is an adult Pomish something, or a pupster still in his fuzzy stage. Either way, he looks like a heartwarming helper!

  4. This is Jenn, Lil’ Bear’s mom-person. He’s a pomeranian that we were fostering and fell in love with, so we adopted him. He’s very old and has several health issues (notice that he has to wear a diaper when he’s in the house😊). He has tiny ears and such a sweet face, and he has a perpetual “puppy-look” that makes him extra cute. He is a very sweet, gentle boy and he’s added so much cuteness to our family.