“Worst Painting EVER”

[Who haz painted this mess? Picasso? Rembrandt? Whoever- somebody should be getting their money back. Dis awful.]

~ ~ ~

“Ms. Charlotte is questioning our taste in novelty art.” –Rachael V.



  1. But Charlotte, don’t you know this painting is s classic? 😀 (BTW, you are one pretty kitty!)

  2. “You’re not hanging that in HERE are you?”

  3. She really does look like she’s contemplating the art. And judging … Meanwhile, I love dogs playing poker!

  4. Ms. Charlotte disapproves of Cheap Canine Thrills…..sez Kittehs are more honorable…;
    (Ackshully, it’s becuz she’s concerned that Santa might be watching:
    she’s been guud all year and doesn’t want to spoil her record now….!)

  5. I’m with Charlotte. Seriously. Not even camp.

  6. Hey, that is an American classic. Let’s put it next to the velvet Elvis and the big-eyed children.

  7. LessThanLucid says:

    Had to google the art.

    This particular painting is “A Friend in Need” as part of a series of 9 “dogs playing poker” oil paintings / cigar ads by Cassius Marcellus (C.M.) “Cash” Coolidge, out of 16 ads featuring dogs.

    And yes, there is a a website dedicated to it, found here: http://www.dogsplayingpoker.org/gallery/coolidge/