ResQte Of The Week (Maui Monday Edition)

Remember when you had your first bath? OK, probably not. But Daisy sure does!

“Aloha, I wanted to first thank you for sharing the film we made about the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary we made a few years ago. It has really helped raise awareness for that incredible shelter. Mahalo! My wife and I have rescued several cats here on Maui. A few days ago we heard a frantic meow coming from under our house. There was a cat stuck way up in the structure and after tearing half the house down we finally discovered a 5-week-old kitten which we named her Daisy Mae. Since we are filmmakers, we have no choice but to film her CONSTANTLY! For example, here is her first bath. Aloha, Kent R.”

Here’s more on the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary:



  1. So sweet, and she handled that so well!

  2. Daisy looks thoroughly unimpressed. Just saying.

    And can I just say that is the biggest kitty litter I’ve ever seen?

  3. grytlappar says:

    Daisy really is taking that baf really well. 🙂 But then it’s Maui, so she doesn’t have to be cold? (Not that any other cats who act crazay when they’re bathed are cold! Hah.) She’s REALLY cute.

    Why don’t I live in Maui? Pfft.

  4. A cat sanctuary on a beautiful tropical island…..I am SO there!!!
    (in my dreams)

  5. Jenny Islander says:

    A lot more resignation and a lot less outraged dignity than I was expecting. Maybe because Daisy’s still at the age where Mom would be bathing her anyway?

  6. Thanks to all who will consider donating to this worthwhile organization. There are lot of animals that need our help all year long. Aloha, Leslie

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    This reminds me of when I walked in on a kitten being bathed at Best Friends–she was all, “Hey! Dis feels good!”