“Hey Honey, Did You Take My Mini Wheats?”

“I filled up the bowl and went to get the paper, but now they’re all gone! And Bear’s out of his cage, BTW.”


~ ~ ~

“Caught our hammy, Bear red handed stealing cereal out of the bowl…but was just too cute not to capture and share. Hope you enjoy :)” -Megan R.



  1. Aw, I would share my cereal with Bear anytime! What a cutie!

  2. And who left Bear, alone out on the table? Pets, they will take your food and come back for more– love them anyway.

  3. Bear: Don’t mind if I do. *nibblenibblenom*

  4. He is a genius and a cute one at that.

  5. It can’t all be gone. Little dude like Bear could only handle two or three squares.

  6. He’s probably wondering why there is cereal in the ramekin instead of a soufle.