Caturday Morning “Helpers”

Don’t you love it when your little friends decide to come over and “help” you with some major project? Like these guys, for example:

“We are remodeling our kitchen,” writes Randy D. “I happened to catch my kitties, Gemma (on the top rung) and Abby, investigating the ladder and it was just too cute for me to pass up taking a few photos. As you can see (above,) there was such disagreement as to ‘top cat’ status.

“The angle of the camera is flattering to Gemma–she actually weighs almost twice as much as Abby. Gemma and Abby think that the ladder should be a permanent fixture in the kitchen. P.S. I’ve enjoyed your site for many years; please don’t ever stop spreading the cute.”



  1. Beautiful kitties. Top one reminds me of our late Stinky.

  2. Very cute! Why such big tags though? Doesn’t look too comfortable.

  3. My one cat doesn’t help, she supervises! She looks as if she’s saying ‘You missed a spot…’ 😉

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    The only thing more fun than helping on the ladder is helping make the bed!