Caturday Afternoon: Rule #40 Action!!

Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” Without question. “Fred hugging Jenny Lee- these two babies are being adopted as a pair.” -Monica S., Somerset, NJ.



  1. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    Awwwww! Bestie beasties! How could anyone NOT adopt them as a pair? Kudos to their new hoomin!

  2. januaryfarmer says:

    This is gonna be fun! Lucky everyone!

  3. m in athens says:

    OM(F)G Cuuuuuute! So glad they’re going to be kept together. I got my two unrelated kitties as foster besties. They’re still the adorablest bffs.

  4. Uh oh…double trouble! So glad these cuties are being adopted together!

  5. E in Erie says:

    I’m so confused. Where is the rest of the white kitty?

  6. E in Erie, the black one absorbed him. What cuties!

  7. Smilla Snow says:

    Kitties…too…cute….*iz ded*

  8. Double kitten hug… Too cute. Gotta lie down for a minute.

  9. I love Fred’s little white sox!

    E in Erie, I was confused for a second too — I think the white kitty is facing front, and the black kitty is resting on her rump (that’s why he’s slightly elevated).

  10. Monica S. says:

    There were 5 in the litter; Fred, Jenny Lee, Camilla, Jimmy, and Trixie. Anybody see the connection? Character from “Call the Midwife”. However, I just didn’t have the heart to burden a little kitty with the name “Sister Monica Joan”…