“Hi folks, I’m wondering if “Helping With Household Chores” might qualify for a new Rule Of Cuteness. Here’s my cat Bob assuming the wrap position while I change the sheets. Thanks for your joyful site!” -Kelly.

Thanks Kelly. No Rule here, but we can definitely say TGIF!



  1. Youre Bob and my Opal must be related-she doesn’t like to move when the bed needs making.

  2. catcrazy3 says:

    Absolutely. I am certain that helping with household chores is a Rule of Cuteness.

  3. “Helping” may not be a rule of the Cute, but it is certainly a rule of the Cat when it comes to making the bed. 😉

  4. Peek a boo, Bob, you cute little rascal!

  5. Hi Bob! Lookin’ good!

    Love, Auntie Susan

  6. Totally should be a Rule of Cuteness!