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Got this email today from Laurie D., with two terms I wasn’t familiar with.

“Hmmm, no Splaycember…how about celebrating the Bellydays? I grabbed this picture of my Greyhound Coco. She loves cockroaching. The name comes from the fact that they look like a dead bug when they sleep like this. From the looks of the detritus* around her, I believe she may have exhausted herself.”

*OK, this is a college word. “Detritus:”

Waste or debris of any kind:
“Streets filled with rubble and detritus”
Synonyms: debris · waste · refuse · rubbish · litter · scrap · flotsam and jetsam · rubble · remains · remnants · fragments · scraps · dregs · leavings · sweepings · dross · scum · trash · garbage · dreck. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press.



  1. You’d know the word “detritus” if you were an archaeologist. That’s the stuff of archaeology! Oh, I guess most people aren’t.

  2. Gina Smith says:

    This seems to be a subset of strayche (sp?), which has also somehow been missed in the glossary! Although flotsam and jetsam is unrelated to strayche, it seems like a great term for something on CO, maybe if you get a pic of swimming and jet-skiing critters.

  3. Detritus is also a great Latin word!

    Bellydays sounds like a great holiday to me.

  4. “Cockroaching” doesn’t SOUND cute, but…

  5. JediArashi says:

    My family’s Afghan Hound (Pearl, a.k.a. “Pearly-girly” or “Pearly-Poo”) loves to do this as well…almost the exact same pose, and she’ll stay sleeping like that, too. Must be a sight hound thing. Those long legs have to go somewhere!

  6. It’s appropriate the term comes from archaeology since Coco does this to the family room after excavating the toy box.

  7. Coco is a funny girl! As I first glanced at the picture, I wondered just for a moment if it was some new species of huge bug! It’s a great photo, even with detritus! 🙂

  8. My little pup would do this too. I always called it her superdog pose. She got lots of bellyrubs for it =-D

  9. grytlappar says:

    Sleeping? I thought for sure this was mid-strayche… Madness I tell you!