Friday Haiku

Two pals together
Enjoying a sunny day
Buddies ’til the end

~ ~ ~



  1. well my dears, this is just the cat’s meow.

  2. This made me melt like buttah!

  3. You are dear to me
    I will stay close so I can
    Keep tabbies on you

  4. Oakley, do you ever get tired of winning the Internet?

  5. Lounging in the shade
    Come here and by my true love
    My chin is itchy

  6. My love is deep; the more I give thee,
    The more I have,
    It’s infinite.

  7. fkaWaldenPond says:

    😀 Oakley

  8. So what if we;re not
    the same species? In my book
    love knows no limits.

  9. Tiny antlers on this baby deer? Photo alteration? Or a species I have not seen here before?

  10. @darcy I think it’s an adult Roe deer. They’re pretty small and have spikey antlers.

  11. januaryfarmer says:

    Oh my!