Cookie Bears. Hugging Nuts.

[*Note: It’s National Cookie Day! Time for an Encore. -Ed.]

(Let’s get this outta the way right up front- of COURSE they’re from The Big J. Now, onto more deets, as covered in Bored Panda.)

Whip up a bunch of dough, shape ’em into bears, and- the tricky part- get ’em to HOLD A NUT.

These were created by a Japanese cook named Maa Tamagosan. Her recipe is here.






  1. Headline is deceptive.

  2. The recipe is is in Anglonese. Her secrets are safe.

  3. I just clicked the link for the recipe and what I saw was pretty funny. Google translate didn’t do a great job with the translation, but it makes for a good laugh.

  4. These are really hard to make… really really hard. And they came out kind of dry.. So disappointing haha 🙂