Their official name is “Tardigrade.” And they are REAL. And will you look at those FOLDS???



  1. Why???????

  2. They’re also known as “water bears” 🙂 Cause, you know, why not?

  3. NOT cute!

  4. It is they who represent the future.

  5. I’d find them cuter if they had a recognizable face.

  6. Into WHAT do they sink those daggers, I ask? Ew. Yikes!

  7. What Deckard said.

  8. Just no.

  9. Alice Shortcake says:

    Tardigrades – the eight-legged teddybears of the petri dish.

  10. When the Earth is a baked husk without air, water, or anything that makes life possible, just before the sun expands so much it turns the whole place to cosmic cinders, there will still be tardigrades.

  11. Skeeve Overload!

  12. They have so few molecules in their bodies overall,due to size,that the structure is tight(precise with every bit dedicated to serving a purpose without excess or extra) for their whole physiology, that they may be be immortal.It has to do with cell replacement and that the new cells only have one way to grow,which is the right way or they dont form at all,and only one place is possible for each cell to be.I read that on the internet so it may be fabrication.Or these things may never die.Ever.
    Wait.IIs that a tardigrade I hear sneaking up behind you?

  13. That freaks me out. Like something from a bad syfy movie.

  14. Blue Footed Booby says:

    So the tardigrade that scuttles into my ear at night to whisper dark secrets may have done the same for Jesus or King Kullassina-bel? Awesome!

  15. If you don’t mind some cartoon violence and profanity, look up Captain Tardigrade on YouTube.

  16. Badá Rock says:

    Badass cute chubby fella

  17. They’re also called “moss piglets”. Whaaaaat?

  18. Oh lordy, Cain! Rofl Captain Tardigrade! 😀