ResQte Of The Week: Tribble

This kitteh was returned to the shelter TWICE! (He has a home now.) The story: first time, the owner died. Whoops. Second time, Tribble got stressed out living with four kids….imagine that. And you wonder WHY his name is Tribble?

Click the video and don’t forget to turn those Speakers UP!




  1. Lovely! Have a Happy life from now on, sweet Tribble!

  2. I think that I remember this story, his purr was so loud, the previous owners had trouble sleeping. Which is why god made earplugs.

  3. Too Cute!!! Sounds just like a Tribble, and I love Tribbles and all things Star-Trekky. Live long and prosper, Tribble Cat!!

  4. I LOVE HIM!!!!!

  5. Methinks he should have been named Frog because his purr sounds a lot like a frog croaking. Seriously, he deserves a good loving home mainly because he is one beautiful kitty. Have ;a great life Trible!!

  6. Couldn’t sleep because of purring?? Well that’s just silly, I find purring to be the most soothing sound! Of course, I can sleep through pretty much anything, not everyone is that lucky. Glad he and his trilly purr have a new home!

  7. grytlappar says:

    So glad Tribble got out of that kid situashions. When a collegue of mine had a kid, as soon as the baby started shrieking the cat would be outta there. Thru the cat flap—at least it had an escape! 😀

    That is one spectacular purr! Couldn’t sleep because of it… Pfft.

  8. grytlappar says:

    My cat has a completely silent purr. I have to check if his vocal chords are vibrating to know if he’s purring!

  9. cyberpunkrocker says:

    ♪ “Nobody knows the Tribble I’ve seen… er, heard!”

  10. How much Quadrotriticale does he/she eat ?

  11. totchipanda says:

    Reminds me of my dear Smudge, who had a very similar purr. I called it “churbles” 😀 Glad he has a forever home now!

  12. Mingles' Mommy says:

    OMG… that purr is ridiculous!!!! He really does sound like a Tribble. IMHO, if you have trouble sleeping because your cat purrs too loudly, there’s something seriously wrong with you. If you don’t like that, try one who jumps on your stomach at 2 AM every morning just to tell you he loves you, with stomach kneading and nose rubbing and purring. My beautiful blind cat did that for years. DEAL WITH IT. (I still miss him.)

  13. He are purrfeck!

  14. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    He is lovely, and my wish for Tribble is that he has finally found his forever home.

  15. My sweet Muriel (also a resQte) does the chirp-purr like this. Not as loud though. I’m so glad he has his forever home.